Upflow changelog
Upflow changelog

Send your automated emails at the right time




As an Admin, you can now update the time automated emails are sent. This way, your emails will always be on top of your customers' inboxes. Set it up from your company settings.


Payment mix - Drive modern payment methods adoption




Do you plan on migrating your customers from checks to autopay? Measure it directly from Upflow’s analytics.

From there, you can see how your payment mix is trending and the impact of your work.


Reply to your customers directly from Upflow




Once you get a reply from your customers, you can now continue the discussion from Upflow. Want to follow up on an email previously sent? You can also do it by replying to your own email.

You can try it directly from your actions view.


NetSuite - You can now import Pending Approval invoices in Upflow




You can now import Pending approval Invoices directly from NetSuite as Draft Invoices in Upflow and review them with your team directly from your platform.

You can activate this new feature directly from your Integration settings section here.

Once validated in NetSuite, invoices will be automatically synchronized as Due.


SSO - Signing in Upflow gets a whole lot easier




Signing in software can sometimes be a hassle and multiplying passwords is often a security risk.

That’s why you can now use SSO with OpenID Connect to log in to Upflow.

Want to enable this for your organization? Ask your Upflow admin to reach out to your CSM and you can read more about it here.


Keep your teams up to date thanks to our new Slack integration




There are many things very important to make a collection process successful. Our latest Slack integration will supercharge two of them: Speed and collaboration.

You can now automatically notify from Upflow into Slack your team members whenever they are mentioned in a specific collection timeline.

The notification will include the message and a link to redirect them to the specific timeline where they were mentioned, encouraging them to act right away.

Slack_integration EN.gif

Understand your Payment mix at a glance and start improving it




We decided to divide the ‘Type’ columns into 2 more relevant and actionable ones: ‘Source’ and ‘Method’.

With the Source one, Upflow displays where the payment information comes from (Invoicing tool, Upflow Customer portal…)

With the Method one, Upflow displays, you guessed it, what payment method was used (Card, Direct Debit…)

The new colors, sorting and filters will help you access useful information faster to craft the best strategy to improve your payment mix. Pro tip: you should have a look at our Customer payment portal.

New transactions column_EN.gif

Never send a reminder into the void again




It is always frustrating when your customer tells you earnestly that they've never received your reminders.

From now on, whenever you send a reminder to an invalid email address, you will be notified via email, of the issue. You can then update the contact info and send the reminder properly.

Say goodbye to one-sided conversations!

invalid email notification_EN.png

Sit back and let our Salesforce integration take the wheel




Our Beta salesforce native integration imports your contacts and syncs your Account Managers to Upflow.

Say goodbye to double entries, missed portfolio changes, and reminders sent to the wrong contact.

Implement it in just a few clicks.

SFDC-Integration setup_EN.gif

Display the currency prefix only if necessary




We improved the way currency is displayed in Upflow:

Automatically, Upflow will display the currency symbol. Yet, if there are multiple currencies with the same symbol, then the relevant prefix will appear (for example, CA$). If there is no symbol, then it shows the full ISO code.

No settings required!


We also chose to remove the currency column on the invoice, credit note, and transaction list views.

Why? We want to declutter the views as much as possible to help you find the information you need at a glance. Don’t worry, we kept the currency filters.