Upflow changelog
Upflow changelog

Add attachments to your reminders




Add any contextual document that will help you collect your cash faster!

You can easily send your customers order forms, tax documents or timesheets along with their invoices. Find out more!

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ACH payments on your portal




Make it easy for your customers to pay you by offering ACH payments on your portal.

Using our Stripe integration you will be able to debit your customers' bank accounts, save time and reduce your payment fees.

Add this new payment method

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Create new organizations easily





Do you want to add another business or subsidiary to Upflow?

Head over to the menu and quickly get started!

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Pin, edit and delete your notes





How frustrating is it to write a note, publish it, and 2 seconds later realizing there is a typo and that it will stay there forever? We used to inflict you this, but not anymore. From now on, you can delete or update notes even after they are published.

Does the last note need to stand out? Pin it to your customer and access it easily.


Customer replies





Tired of using notes to add your customer replies in Upflow?

Set up the replies import feature to get everything you need in one place. Whether you import your customers’ replies automatically or manually, you will now be able to read them in their respective customer timelines.

Open your settings and get started!

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Contextualized first action





Do you want to make sure all workflows start at the very first step? Or maybe, you'd prefer to start with the most relevant action.

You can now decide and manage all of that in your app settings.

Select "Contextualized" to start every workflow with the action that is closest to your latest overdue invoice delay!

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At-risk rate





At Upflow, we consider outstanding invoices to be at-risk when they are 90-days past due. As a result, you can now see the percentage of your billed invoices on your dashboard at a given month that is left unpaid after 90 days.

Make sure it's as low as possible!


Help your customers pay via check





With every reminder you send, offer your customers the possibility to pay via check.

From their portal, they will see your mailing instructions so they always send checks to the right place and simplify your reconciliation.

Side by side with card payments, who knows? Maybe they will switch đŸ˜‰


Aging balance by customer





It's not so much about who owes you the most but who has the most at risk. For any customer you have, quickly look at the 90+ days overdue bucket to focus your collection effort on the most difficult customers.

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Tailor Upflow to your needs with saved views





In just a few clicks, adapt your table to your needs:

  • Add new information like tags, language, or country
  • Save your view and add as many as you like
  • Mass assign workflows and account managers in 2-clicks
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